From a Quiet Corner

From a Quiet Corner

Jennifer Marie Amendt
In Loving Memory of Kari Westberg

A table is beautifully placed in a room
A white cloth delicately drapes across it

The lights are dimmed shyly low
And in the corner I do sit

I watch as their silhouettes move around
Carefully setting up chairs

I watch as her mother brings out an elaborate cake
And still no one notices I'm there

She places the cake down with care
As only a mother can do

I sit in silence
And I am in awe by how fast the time has flew

I watch as a tear trickles slowly down her cheek
She brushes it gently away

A yearning, I know is in her heart
The pain, I know is here to stay

She places each candle carefully atop the cake
Her hand trembling from a broken heart

Her head hung low from loneliness
Her heart aches from being apart

With a mothers love she places the last candle in its place
And tears glisten in her eyes

Then from a box she pulls out an angel
An angel with her head held high

Her wings and arms spread wide open
And her face has that same smile

Her eyes have a look of love in them
As if they are saying, "please mom, don't cry"

The mother kisses the angel and places it amongst the candles
The angel acquires this unbelievable shine

The mother leans towards the angel
And whispers softly, "sweetheart, you'll always be mine"

Her husband walks in and grabs her hand
His eyes seem to not be the same

He tries to be strong for his wife and his other daughter
But how can he be strong without his flame?

A young woman enters
With a similar smile to one I've known

A smile so familiar
A smile that has always shone

She walks over to her parents
Her heart singing that same sad song

Yet, something is missing
This picture is all wrong

The doors are thrown wide open
The guests begin to rush in

They hug and greet the family
And wait for the party to begin

They wait and wait for her
Hours go by and so do the days

She never shows up
The guests do not stay

As everyone leaves
I sit all quiet and still

I look back at all the years I had with her
All the memories and stories to tell

As her family walks out
They shut off all the lights

All that is left are the candles aglow
I stare at that beautiful angel and I duck out of sight