Hustle 2019 Registration

Registration begins at 8:00am CST on Thursday, November 1, 2018!!! Please be aware that it used to sell out within about 60 minutes, but the past few years it’s taken days – to play it safe, get there early!

To sign up on my team this year, you will need to start at The link/button for regular Hustle registration will become active at the Respiratory Health Association's site at 8:00am sharp on Thursday, November 1st… Initially, only my full climb team will be up – I may create a half climb team later in the morning on November 1st, if there are several people who want the half climb.  (You'd have to take this on blind faith from me, but if you think you can do the half-climb, you can do the full climb...)

A .pdf document with detailed instructions prepared by a friend at RHAMC are available HERE… 

Note:  This is a prior year's document -- but it still applies!

You will be able to use your Username and Password from previous Hustle registrations, if you've been on my team before... If you don't remember what your Username and Password are - you may want to check out this link before November 1st. You can find your Username and/or reset your password by going to this link.

After clicking the button/link for regular Hustle registration available at you will be directed to the Hustle registration page… Choose the “Full Climb” – on the page that follows, take the “Register to join an existing team” choice “Join a Team”… That will take you to a “Search for a Team” page – Enter “Kari” or some part of the “Kari’s Klimbers” team name and click “Search” – when “Kari’s Klimbers” pops up – click “Join this Team”… Then just follow the instructions to complete your registration.

The .pdf document noted above has examples of screen shots and step by step instructions you may find enlightening…

Please note: if you remember your username/password from your last registration - much of your data will be already be completed!

The registration fee is the same price as last year – registration for the full climb is $155.00, the half-climb is $120.00.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at

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