Hustle Announce One

This year's Hustle up the Hancock registration opens on

Monday, November 2 at 8:00am Sharp!!!

The last few years it has sold out in about a half hour -- so be there early!

I will create my team prior to November 2 by pledging to raise $1,000 -- and links to the registration page for my team will be here prior to November 2... However, please do not attempt to register before 8:00am November 2 or you will be pledging to raise $1,000!
Pledging: If you're thinking about pledging me or someone on my team, I love you already... Links to pledge should be available between late October and early November, 2009. You can also feel free to email me via the link below...

You can click here for more Hustle 2010 information.

Or, you can email me should you have any questions...

See you there!!! Love, Steve